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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of these certifications ?

The cost of the Clean Harbours certification has been negotiated so that all ports can apply.

  • Port of less than 800 berths: the cost most often observed is around 4 000€ ex VAT over 3 years.
  • Port bigger or equal to 800 berths: the cost most often observed is around 5,000€ ex VAT over 3 years.

The cost of the “Clean Harbours active in biodiversity” certification most often observed is approximately 1,500€ ex VAT over 3 years.

Send an enquiry to AFNOR to get a personalized quote, which will vary depending on the number of days of audit and the number of sites to be certified. The quotes do not take into account the cost of the Clean Harbours diagnostic study, the investments resulting from it (e.g. upgrading to infrastructure standards) and the equipment to be provided in favour of biodiversity.

Are subsides possible?

In Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur partnering organisations allocate subsidies to ports that are part of the Clean Harbours approach. Subsidies are granted for carrying out the diagnostic study and equipment targeted in the action plan to control the waste and effluents from port activity.

Help can also be obtained for the Certification of “Ports Propres actifs en biodiversité”.

How to perform an environmental diagnostic study?

The diagnostic study is carried out by a research office independent of the port. A consultation should be launched with a precise specification. It is available in appendices to the Clean Harbours guide.